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Best Book of the Year 2023 — Indies Today 


"An exciting fantasy adventure and a great start to a promising new series."

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

" exceptionally crafted debut in a new fantasy series, chock-full of all of the hallmarks required from an entry novel with the added bonus of a uniquely assembled hero's journey."

— 5 Star review from Readers' Favorite

Asher of Steel Rim may be a halfway-decent thief, but he's not exactly the realm’s most popular guy.

As an outcast among outcasts, some hate him for his scale-tipped, pointed ears. Others prefer to wish him dead because he’s a magi in a land where those born with etherarchy are outlawed.

In the wild, desert wastelands of Drakfell, Asher finally finds the opportunity he’s been waiting for: A chance to avenge his mother’s death by taking down the legendary leader of the Mage Hunters herself.

The Black Valkyrie.

To get his shot, Asher joins a heist crew of Knights determined to steal a true dragon egg. But Asher’s quest for personal vengeance lands him right in the middle of a war that goes far beyond anything he could’ve imagined.

*(ebook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook available now)
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Drakfell 2.jpeg

“An exciting fantasy adventure and a great start to a promising new series.”

— Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

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If I were a better thief, I wouldn't be leaping to my death from the top of a tower. 

The Skystone Chronicles Book 1: Dragon Thief

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"Very, very highly recommend."

— 5 star review from Readers' Favorite

Saddle up, dragon riders, and get ready for the epic Skystone Chronicles sequel! Dragon Guard features battles with wild dragons, a young soldier on a mission to save her family, and just the right balance of mystery, action, and romance along the way.

(For fans of Asher, don't worry! Our hotheaded half-born hero will be back in the spotlight for Book 3, along with our book 2 heroine, Meleya!)

*ebook, paperback, and audiobook available now

Skystone Chronicles: So hot right now

Book 1: Dragon Thief

Being a half-born? Bad.
Being a magi? Illegal.
Seeking revenge on the head of the Mage Hunters for killing your mother? Well, that makes Asher of Steel Rim completely insane.


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