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The Land of Evgard

The Land of Evgard is much like your continent of North America. Except it's covered in draconic beasts that eat humans for their natural ether. It's a more mythic environment than your planet Earth, but that comes with a whole unique set of hazards. Still, it's beautiful and definitely worth a visit... though we might be biased, as it is on our home planet. 

- Blake & Raven Penn 


The Keepdoms

The Keepdom of Evgard

The Waterfall Keepdom

10/10. Truly idyllic. Where the refugees who fled the Shattering first landed, and home to the greatest number of Guardian era artifacts. It's safe, beautiful, and the best place ever for a romantic evren ride. Their High King's a little sketchy though. Just don't show any signs of etherarchy and you'll be fine.

Tortum Waterfalls
Dry Desert

The Keepdom of Drakfell

The Badlands Keepdom

4/10. The capital city of Drakfell is exquisite with its hot springs and famed geysers. But the rest of it is... well... a bleak desert. They don't call it the badlands for nothing. Still, they have some fantastic dragon buffalo wings—especially at one particular street cart in Naga Bay. Just know that if a dragon attacks you in an outlander town, you're probably on your own. Also, the draccoons WILL rob you.

The Keepdom of Rengard

The Canyon Keepdom

8/10. The redrock is truly magnificent. But it's hot. All the time. Still, you can't beat those canyon views. Some coastal areas like Solhelm are beautiful AND have nice weather. Their army is particularly impressive, so dragon attacks are less frequent. But watch out—go too far south down Rengard Canyon, and you'll end up face to face with the deadly Dragon Mists. 

Grand Canyon
Mountain Landscape

The Keepdom of Evyndara

The Mountain Keepdom

10/10. Gorgeous mountains are complemented by lush forests and meadows. One of the more developed and civil keepdoms, their guard is mostly dedicated to cleaning up skyfalls. And the people are SO polite. The legendary Mage Hunter Academy is nestled in the heart of the Ridgeback Mountains, and you won't find a better place to do research. 

The Keepdom of Behrfell

The Glacier Keepdom

2/10. Cold. Glaciers everywhere. Cool fjords and Northern lights, though. They have a few hot springs, but more ice springs, which just seems unfair. If you hate feeling your toes, you should definitely visit. Just avoid the polar wolves. They're cute, but NOT friendly. 


The Keepdom of Kolbohr

The Mining Keepdom

1/10. Very cold. Too many cults. Don't visit without a thick aldraka wool coat. Lots of tunnels, which could be fascinating if they didn't make you feel like someone was watching you. We're certain there's an abnormally high concentration of dark spirits, which can really put a damper on a birthday celebration (trust us). It's terribly gloomy. Still, the fog that rolls in from the sea can be mesmerizing.

The Keepdom of Evyndale

The River Keepdom

6/10. A very pleasant keepdom, but can get muggy in the summer. Playing with Lutradons is an experience you don't want to miss. Lots of delicious, spicy food. The guard there is quite adept at handling skyfalls, so you won't have to worry about any drekling attacks here. But be warned—such a nice, warm place leads to lots of laid back people... but also some very crazy ones. Don't leave your satchel unattended on the beach.

Sunset and Palm Trees
Sunset at the Beach

The Keepdom of Skygard

The Cliffside Keepdom

9/10. Seaside cliffs and redwoods make a great combination. Tons to do, especially if you like to climb. A delightfully neutral part of Evgard that doesn't really care if you're a magi, which was a welcome respite on our journey. A rich keepdom with plenty of Guardian history and artifacts. Rumor has it that this is where the secret headquarters of the Knights of the Torch is located.

The Dragon Isles

The Empire of the Drekai

12/10. Home of the Drekai, a half dragon people. They look mostly human, but with horns, dragonfire green eyes, and patches of colorful scales. Some even have wings or tails. Most are good with a boomerang.

We wish we could've stayed longer, but the omens required a different path. We loved the misty temperate rainforests filled with gorgeous hanging moss. True dragons still roam here, which is a sight to see. The people are quite nice, especially for raiders. But whatever you do, don't get into any honor duels with the locals.

Stone Steps _ Moss
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